Daily followup

Waste Material Recycling

Waste management is a major global issue that governments face on a daily basis as cities grow in size. Our environment has suffered as a result of waste overproduction.Our waste material recycling company Tadwir Al Jazirah also provides a labor force for your waste management needs so that your burden is lessened. We also provide daily follow-up services so that your process of waste management is hassle-free and taken care of. It is always helpful to have someone in charge of your needs when you are running a busy schedule. Thus, our labor force and daily followup services will help you manage time, transportation costs, and waste.

We collect all general waste materials and provide trucks and vehicles for the transportation of waste materials. Our services also include providing transfer stations to sort out, segregate and prepare waste for recycling including daily followup. Transfer stations are a site for the temporary disposition, segregation, and consolidation of waste.  

daily follow up