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Tadwir Al Jazirah, a division of Kites Equipment Rental Company Ltd is one of the best and most sought-after scrap recycling companies in Dammam. It was founded in 2014 with the goal of being the leading waste-to-product business due to its distinctive and innovative approach to scrap management services. As a pure-play recycler and trader, our company focuses on scrap pickup, providing high-quality secondary materials and material recovery facilities that work to address global environmental problems.

The recyclable materials our Saudi recycling company deals in are – Occ (old corrugated carton), Plastic Containers, PET Bottle, Metal scrap, Copper Scrap, Used Batteries, Coils, Kraft paper rolls, Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC), Industry Carton Paperboard, Bulk Pet Bottle Scrap, Hot Washed Clean 100 Clear Pet Flakes, Paper Waste and UBC Cans

Tadwir Al Jazirah specializes in scrap buying, dealing in all kinds of recyclable metal, steel, undertaking the process of recycling for all these materials so as to produce safe and efficient products that are sold to target recyclable material consumers such as malls, factories, companies, centers and many more.

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Our Vision

A world without landfillsA world without landfills

Our recycling services comprise daily collection and recycling projects, the provision of boxes and containers in various sizes, their distribution, daily follow-up work, and the provision of the labor force. Tadwir Al Jazirah is the ideal solution to all of your scrap waste management issues due to its creative concepts, committed services, and premium secondary materials! Tadwir Al Jazirah, a pioneer in sustainable scrap management services, was founded with the mission of fostering an improvement in the relationship between people and nature. Our business supports measures that promote effective scrap management and environmental safety. We therefore work with the goal of assisting towns, cities, and rural areas with scrap pickup. Even though recycling ideas, benefits, and concepts have been around for a while, they have never really been accepted as normal or fully integrated into society as a whole. As a result, few people are aware of the same. Recycling is an undervalued waste management strategy as a result of these restrictions and lack of motivation. The consumption of materials and the production of scrap have both increased significantly in today’s world of fast-paced, commodity-oriented lifestyles. While the globe lacks the space or resources to dispose of the scrap waste, tonnes of scrap continue to accumulate every hour. With all of the rubbish that is produced piling up and leaving no room for more, the planet is frighteningly resembling a huge dump yard. It is sad that the waste management crisis is conveniently overlooked despite knowledge of the looming threat to the biosphere. Scrap management is unavoidably a crucial step that can assist in preventing the globe from suffering irreparable harm from an impending waste management disaster. As a result, we at Tadwir Al Jazirah, one of the most prestigious, successful, and sought-after dry mixed recycling companies, strive to find a long-term solution to the waste management problem and play a part in taking initiatives that benefit the environment and the world at large. The world needs to start learning about recyclables, the advantages of recycling, and the significance of sustainable development as soon as possible. In order to stop the rising environmental disaster and become a beacon of hope for the entire globe, we seek to inform and raise awareness about the conversion of common, dangerous, and massive trash into benign, environmentally friendly end products.              


Who Are We?

Tadwir al Jazirah waste management company is ( a branch of Kites Equipment rental company Ltd. founded in 2014) launched its enhanced strategy exactly one year ago, supporting its vision to be the leading waste-to-product company. This further differentiates   TAJ as a pure-play recycler & trader, accompany that focuses on supplying high-quality secondary materials, which we believe is the best way to extract values from waste and contribute to a solution to the world’s environment issues.