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Waste management, is therefore an inevitable and integral need of the hour that can help save the world from an impending waste crisis that threatens to engulf the world in its claws. So, we at Tadwir Al Jazirah one of the most effective and sought-after waste management in Saudi Arabia, strive to put an end to the waste crisis and do our part in finding a solution to engage in actions that favour the well-being of the world and the environment. The importance of sustainable development and the benefits of recycling are vast. Our goal is to convert harmful waste management techniques into eco-friendly methods.       

Tadwir Al Jazirah was established with the motto of initiating an improvement in the human-nature relationship. With an intention to aid cities, municipalities and the countryside in the process of waste management, our company believes in actions that facilitate proper waste management and environmental health. Little do people know the benefits of recycling for such ideas and concepts may have been in existence for quite a long time now but have never been completely incorporated into the mainstream society or normalized for a fact. Therefore, people have limited knowledge, means or inclinations to recycling making it an underrated waste management method.  

waste management

Waste management in saudi arabia amidst changing times, fast-paced, commercial, commodity-oriented lifestyles, the consumption of goods and the generation of waste world-over is colossal. Tons and tons of waste is accumulated each hour and the crisis of the times is the lack of space or means to dispose the same. The world is alarmingly turning into a large dump yard with all generated waste being piled up leaving no room for more! And unfortunately, despite being aware of the impending danger to the ecosystem, people choose to turn a blind eye and add onto the waste management crisis.

There is indeed something that can be gained out of everything in the world; even waste! And in waste lies wealth, that will save the planet. If not at once, but slowly and steadily, with passing time, the residents will begin to understand the value and rewards of gathering and depositing waste. At Tadwir Al Jazirah, all waste is useful; even a recyclable container! We aim to spread awareness to all about recyclable,converting materials every day, harmful and colossal waste into benign, environment-friendly end products that may provide the world with hope to finally put an end to the raging environmental crisis.

Tadwir Al Jazirah with its unique strategy and innovative ideas, known to be one of the best waste segregation, aspires to attain the status of a leading waste-to-product company. Recycling is the new trend for sustainable development; the world needs to open up to it. With the threat of the world turning into a giant landfill looming over mankind, pollution reaching its peak causing unpredictable climate phenomena, the rising sea levels, degraded soil, environmental crisis, untreated industrial waste out in the open and most of all non-recyclable products that are dumped as waste, we need to take up necessary measures at the earliest.

At Tadwir Al Jazirah, we are proud to be undertaking the noble task of providing a solution to the world waste crisis. Our company, as a pure-play recycler and trader, focuses on supplying high-quality secondary materials and material recovery facility that tries to provide a solution to the world’s environmental issues. We dream of a world without landfills, a world where the importance of recycling is realized and the world population adopts a sustainable form of waste management and lifestyle. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative methods to recycle large quantities of waste that too via various methods. Educating the general public, governments and businesses on the process and the benefits of recycling and on the reduced production of non-recyclable material is extremely essential. And that is our constant concern.     

Our target materials for recycling are – printed waste material, plastic, containers, PET bottles, metals, copper scrap, used batteries, coils, kraft paper rolls, old corrugated cardboard, industry carton paperboard, bulk PET bottle scrap, rubber waste and used tires, hot washed clean 100 clear PET flakes, UBC cans and books. We are scrap steel buyers and deal with all kinds of recyclable steel and undertake the process of recycling for all these materials so as to produce safe and efficient products for all kinds of recyclable material consumers as that of malls, factories, companies, centres and many more.

Waste management  in saudi arabia provide services as that of collection and transportation of recyclable material on a daily basis, provision of boxes and containers of different sizes along with their distribution and undertaking daily follow ups as well as the provision of official labour force. For solutions to all your waste management problems and high-quality secondary materials, Tadwir Al Jazirah is just the place for you!      


Who Are We?

Tadwir al Jazirah is a branch of (Kites Equipment rental company Ltd. founded in 2014) launched its enhanced strategy exactly one year ago, supporting its vision to be the leading waste-to-product company. This further differentiates   TAJ as a pure-play recycler & trader, accompany that focuses on supplying high-quality secondary materials, which we believe is the best way to extract values from waste and contribute to a solution to the world’s environment issues.


Targeted material for recycling

paper and crafts recycling
Occ (0ld corrugated carton )
recycling plastic materials
Plastic, Containers, PET Bottle
scrap metal recycling
aluminium and copper recycling
Copper Scrap
scrap material
Used Batteries
metal recycling
corrugated paper board sheets
Kraft paper rolls
waste paper recycling companies in saudi arabia
Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)
recycling materials in saudi arabia
Industry Carton Paperboard
Bulk Pet Bottle Scrap
rubber recycling
Hot Washed Clean 100 Clear Pet Flakes
waste segregation
Paper Waste
ubc cans | Recycling companies in riyadh
UBC Cans

Our Targets

We Target all consumers of recyclable materials including centers, malls, factories, companies and others

corrugated cardboard sheets
recycling scales company in saudi arabia

Our Services Includes

waste management services
Transportation services


Collect and Transport recyclable materials on daily basis


Provide boxes and containers of different sizes and disturbing it

dry mixed recycling
ubc cans
waste material recycling
daily labour follow up


Providing official labors and daily follow up